Perfect in the gym? These are your foods

Summer has its good things and its bad things. Among the latter is undoubtedly the excesses in food and that cause you to take on the occasional extra kilo. A good option when it comes to recovering your figure is to go to the gym and eliminate those extra kilos that you have on your body. It is important that when doing some type of physical activity, you complement it with a healthy and balanced diet that helps your body receive the necessary nutrients to perform correctly.

Foods you should eat if you do sports in the gym

  • If you do sports, it is essential that you recover the energy lost through sweat and said activity. The banana is perfect to recover that vitality again thanks to being an excellent source of potassium.
  • The egg yolk is low in calories and very nutritious, so it is perfect to combine with physical exercise. On the other hand, it is an excellent source of iron that helps improve brain health.
  • Peanuts are ideal for providing energy to your body and recharging your batteries after exercise. A good handful of nuts at mid-morning will help you perform better in the gym.
  • After a long sports session there is nothing healthier than having a glass of milk and providing energy and calcium to your entire body.
  • Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C, so their intake will help you replenish energy and repair muscle tissue.
  •  Red fruits are an excellent source of antioxidants, so they cannot be missing from your daily diet. Its intake protects muscles from damage caused by free radicals when exercising.

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