Diet to go to the snow with a lot of energy

The mountains in winter are very attractive both for the sportiest women and for those who just want to spend a fun day with family or friends. A holiday in the snow involves activities that are out of the routine such as skiing, skating, snowboarding, etc. To make the most of the experience, it is necessary that we prepare our bodies to spend the day in the snow.

If we are not used to the mountain climate, it is necessary to adapt our habits and our diet to the conditions that we will find in the snow. In a cold and inhospitable environment, we must prepare a diet in which foods with great energy intake prevail, which help us maintain our strength throughout the day.

Diet with energy for an excursion in the snow

  • Before going on an excursion in the snow it is important that we have a good breakfast, made up of dairy products, fruit and cereals, which will provide us with everything we need to get going. The rest of the food for the day will be kept in the backpack, so they must be easy to transport.
  • If you want to avoid going to restaurants, the best option is to include snacks or sandwiches in your luggage. In addition to the carbohydrates provided by the bread, we must include protein sources such as meat or sausage in the sandwich, as well as some vegetables. Energy drinks will help us keep up, and carrying hot drinks such as coffee or tea in a thermos helps to maintain body heat.
  • For times when we need extra energy, it is advisable to resort to cereal bars, nuts, chocolate or fruit, and hydration must be constant since abundant clothing will cause us to lose a lot of water through sweat. Once we return we can recover from the cold of the day with a hot dinner of puree or soup along with a light vegetable omelette or grilled fish, with yogurt for dessert.

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