Anabolics, Creatine, L-Carnitine…: dangers of products sold in gyms

We proclaim the benefits of practicing physical exercise on a regular basis to achieve a better physical condition and, therefore, a better quality of life. The gym is one of the best options to get in shape because it has instructors and professionals who can help you perform the exercises that best suit you. However, there is another side to gyms that distances them somewhat from those healthy centers that they should be. It is about the sale of pharmacological products, legal or not, that many gym users consume with serious risk to their health.

Reasons to go to the gym

It turns out that benefiting health from physical exercise is not the main reason why many people decide to go to a gym and follow a regular workout. The cult of the body, more for aesthetic purposes than health, is imposed as the engine that takes us to the gym. The goal is to achieve a sculptural body, slightly muscled, perfectly molded and without a gram of fat. This aesthetic model that society imposes on us from the fields of advertising and fashion has permeated our lives to the point of prioritizing aesthetics over health. And in this world of rush and stress, in which we go fast, and we also want to achieve our goals fast, we do not hesitate to consume certain substances that help us reach our desired body in the shortest possible time. And what we want is to lose fat, model the figure and develop our muscles. The way is the effort, but there are people who prefer to do it with extra help.

What we consume in the gym

  • The consumption of anabolics in gyms has been considered a common practice, since it increases physical performance and therefore results are obtained much sooner. Apart from the fact that you may be consuming products without controlling their composition or their dose, the risks derived from the consumption of anabolics are irritability, cardiovascular disorders, psychological instability and masculinization, not in vain is it an extra contribution of male hormones.
  • Among the substances that are used to achieve a greater tolerance to physical effort are Creatine and L-Carnitine, both commonly used in gyms for more intensive training and also as fat burners. We cannot forget that one of the objectives of our daily visit to the gym is fat reduction, but the truth is that it is not something that we are going to achieve with pills, even though they are authorized.
  • Vitamin supplements are another mistake that people make in their attempt to achieve the ideal body. Designed to compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals that our body needs, vitamin supplements pose a risk to our health if we consume them unnecessarily.
  • The truth is that, regardless of the convenience or not of the current aesthetic model, to achieve an ideal body it may be necessary to go to the gym. But if you achieve your goal based on personal physical effort and rely on a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle habits, it is certain that you will be able to stay in that perfect body for much longer than if you help yourself with some pharmacological combination.

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