What to eat according to the training you do

In life there are things that are completed, such as sports and food. One could not be without the other. For this reason, when we start to exercise it is important to keep a close eye on what we eat, but do you really eat as you should? Knowing what to eat depending on the training you do is important to get enough energy.

Find out what to eat according to training 

  • This is a fundamental point when doing sports since poor nutrition will not give us enough energy to perform our exercise as we should, it will influence our marks and decrease our desire to improve and perform.
  • A healthy and exercised body is based on two pillars: the diet we take and the sport we do. That is why it is so important to take care of the food and the dishes that we eat based on the sport that we do. Taking into account the heart rate that is reached, as well as the energy that is spent or the fat that is burned, we will divide the exercise into three large blocks: yoga or Pilates, cardio and strength training.

Food if you practice yoga or Pilates

  1. We are going to consider this section as the one with a low level of effort (compared to the other two that we will discuss), since the heart rate does not usually increase at high levels and they work, above all, flexibility and resistance. For this same reason you do not need a heavy meal, to move freely it is better that you opt for a light one that provides you with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  2. If it is for breakfast, opt for a yogurt or tea with whole grains and red fruits and if it is for lunch, for legumes with vegetables or salad with boiled egg, nuts and tuna. Also, don’t forget to have some fruit.

Do you follow a cardio workout?

  • Going on a binge before a cardio workout is not a very good idea. First, because you won’t give up and second, because it may cause nausea or flatulence. Eating normally a reasonable time before, yes. It is recommended about 3 hours before.
  • Your diet should be rich in carbohydrates, for example: pasta, cereals, potatoes, bread or rice, which will give you the necessary energy to carry out the exercise and/or charge your batteries for the next exercise. Also, whenever you can you should include protein.
  • If you are going to do the training a few hours after having eaten, a while before you can eat a banana, an apple, nuts or one or two cereal bars.
  • It is very important that you hydrate during exercise and that you continue to drink plenty of water afterwards.

Strength training and/or repetitions

  1. In this type of exercise, the resistance of the muscle is worked on and it is important, both before and after, to charge it with energy and recover it in order to be able to face the training in the correct way. For this, protein must be very present in your diet because it helps maintain and regenerate the muscles that we are working on. This is the main goal of these workouts.
  2. In addition, we must also take into account foods of animal origin: fish, low-fat meats such as grilled chicken and, of course, complement it with carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  3. Both fruit and water are two very important pillars in each of the types of training that we have seen, being a source of vitamins and fiber, the first and the second really important for hydration.

But above all, you must listen to your body because it will tell you what it needs and, if you want to take care of your diet seriously, go to a nutritionist so that he can adapt a diet to suit you.

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