Healthy bodybuilding diet for female athletes

Women are not only different from men in terms of our mentality, priorities and way of understanding relationships. Even in our body there are differences, inside and out, that make it more difficult to achieve a defined and muscular body. To achieve this, we can follow an adequate bodybuilding diet.

The female body naturally tends to accumulate fat, which is why it is always more difficult for us to lose weight. The same happens with bodybuilding, it is much more difficult to define and strengthen muscles, because women generate little testosterone, which is in charge of eliminating fat. However, with certain exercises and a good diet it is possible to achieve good results.

Balanced bodybuilding diet for women

  • A bodybuilding diet, both for men and women, is based on a key piece: protein. In addition, the trick to get defined is always to reduce fat, which is why they will be the two objectives of this diet.
  • To start, a breakfast consisting of two whole wheat toasts with olive oil, and three slices of cold turkey, with coffee or tea. For lunch, a chicken fillet or favo accompanied by salad or grilled vegetables. Dinner will consist of a white fish fillet or two cans of tuna with a soup or cream of vegetables. To snack between meals and for dessert, use low-fat yogurt or fruit, and on the days that you are going to do intense sports, accompany the meal with a small serving of carbohydrates (pasta, rice or potatoes).
  • In addition to diet, it is important to accompany our goal with a specific bodybuilding training plan. Aerobic exercises (running, cycling, Pilates, etc.) should be combined with strength exercises that help us work each muscle group specifically.

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