The best foods to gain muscle mass: get in shape!

To gain weight, to lose weight, to gain strength, to improve the health of our bones, our teeth… Food is undoubtedly a fundamental key to many aspects of our lives. Also to strengthen our muscles. We tell you what are the best foods to gain muscle mass.

Although exercise and training are essential to achieve muscle mass, diet also plays a very important role in this difficult task. For this, it is essential to incorporate into our daily diet foods that help us lose fat and tone our muscles.

What are the best foods to gain muscle mass?

The fundamental key is to consume proteins, which are, in a way, the bricks that make up our muscles.

  • Lean meat. This type of meat provides a large amount of high-quality protein and a high level of amino acids, which work with our body’s insulin to promote muscle growth. In addition, this type of meat provides up to 10 essential nutrients (zinc, vitamins, iron…) with very little fat.
  • Chicken or turkey. These white meats contain very little fat and are an incredible source of high-quality protein that promotes muscle repair after exercise.
  • This fish is high in protein, low in fat and very rich in Omega 3, which promote fat loss and ensure the proper functioning of the body’s metabolism.
  • Although proteins are essential to gain muscle mass, the carbohydrates in oats are perfect for this, since a low glycemic index that causes greater satiety, decreases appetite and promotes fat loss. In addition, it provides fiber and macronutrients suitable for our body.
  • Whole grains like brown rice. The way our bodies digest these foods is more efficient than refined grains. In addition, brown rice can increase levels of growth hormone, essential to stimulate muscle growth and fat loss.
  • This small food, much feared by those who suffer from high cholesterol, provides the 9 essential amino acids and is an incredible source of high-quality protein.
  • Cottage cheese or cottage cheese. This type of cheese is practically pure casein protein, a type of slow-digesting protein that promotes muscle maintenance. In addition, it provides calcium and vitamin B12.
  • Fruits and vegetables. While not protein, they are an incredible source of antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamins, as well as fiber, which helps remove substances the body doesn’t need.
  • Healthy fats, that is, those found in fish such as salmon, nuts or avocados. These fats play an essential role in the production of hormones responsible for muscle growth and strength.

Do not forget that together with the help of these foods to gain muscle mass, an exercise routine that favors this growth is necessary.

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