5 foods you should never eat after the gym

When doing sports, it is important to know what can be taken and what should be avoided to ensure that the effort made does not fall on deaf ears. There are a number of foods that you cannot eat as they can cause muscles not to develop as they should and physical recovery to take longer than desired.

5 foods you should avoid eating after exercising

  1. Red meat. This type of food is very difficult to digest, so it is not recommended to eat it after exercising. In addition to this, red meat is rich in saturated fat, which is very harmful to the circulatory system.
  2. Vegetables with a lot of fiber. Although vegetables are very nutritious and healthy foods, the consumption of vegetables that are very rich in fiber are harmful after physical exercise because they are very difficult to digest, which can cause digestive problems.
  3. Eating a slice of pizza after sports is really inadvisable. It is a product with a high amount of saturated fat that can ruin all the effort made in the gym.
  4. Chocolate intake is advisable before doing sports as it provides a large amount of energy to the body. After exercise, the consumption of chocolate causes an accumulation of fats that are very difficult to digest.
  5. Coconut oil. This kind of oil is ideal to consume before doing some sport, however, the consumption of this type of oil after exercising causes the muscles to not fully recover from the effort made.

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