Carbohydrate diet for the sportiest women

Food is closely linked to physical exercise, and must be adapted to it. In today’s lifestyle, fewer and fewer people exercise regularly, but if this is not your case, congratulations! We have the perfect diet for you, specifically designed to give you the energy you need.

The carbohydrate diet has precisely that objective, to help the body generate energy so that you can exercise comfortably. Carbohydrates, despite popular belief, do not make you fatter than other food groups, only if they are accompanied by fat. If you follow the carbohydrate diet and do sports, they will lead an unbeatable lifestyle.

Guidelines for sports carbohydrate diet

  • Complex carbohydrates are those that break down glucose slowly, providing our body with the energy it needs. Refined carbohydrates, on the other hand, such as flour, if consumed in excess, can cause diabetes and other diseases associated with obesity, so they should be consumed in moderation.
  • You can find complex carbohydrates in bread, cereals, rice, pasta, root vegetables, and some legumes such as beans or lentils. If, in addition to including these foods in your daily diet, you do so by substituting some of them with whole-grain products, you will get a satiating effect as well as extra fiber. Remember that carbohydrates must be consumed before exercising in order to burn them properly during the exercise, and also as part of the subsequent recovery.
  • The action of this food group will be strengthened if you combine it with protein at lunch or dinner. You can opt for chicken or turkey, fish, shellfish or eggs to accompany the carbohydrates, and don’t forget to include vegetables and fruits to get the rest of the nutrients you need. Fat is also necessary to complement carbohydrates, but always in small quantities since it is much more difficult to eliminate.

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