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Vitamin A : Uses, Benefits, Function, Foods Source

Vitamins are needed by our body for overall growth and development and out of the many vitamins one of the most important one is Vitamin A This vitamin is definitely a treasure house of health benefits and with its proper intake you can combat various diseases in an effective manner. Here you will get a realistic idea about the different aspects of vitamin a. So, stay tuned as the comprehensive information about vitamin a is about to be discussed in the coming paragraphs. more on Vitamin A

What is vitamin a?

Vitamin a is actually a group of unsaturated kind of organic compounds. The organic compounds are like retinoic acid, retinal, retinol and various kinds of pro vitamin A carotenoids. Vitamin a is highly essential for the body and the deficiency of this nutrient can result is various health issues.

Uses of vitamin a

Talking about the uses of vitamin a then it is a fat soluble vitamin and a rich source of antioxidants. It is beneficial for the overall growth and development of the body and it helps in building the immune system. It is good for skin, hair, bones, eyes, tissue repair, muscular growth etc. Thus the uses of vitamin a are immense and as far as the health front is concerned then even the doctors recommend vitamin a supplements for making the health better.

Vitamin a health benefits

The health benefits of vitamin a are absolutely commendable. Vitamin a is excellent for the eyes. It helps in improving eyesight and treats the problem of macular degeneration. Vitamin a will make your immune system stronger and you can also combat inflammation with its help. The role of vitamin a in improving the skin texture and hair texture is absolutely phenomenal. It also helps in preventing cancer and keeping the heart healthy. The other health benefits are like muscular growth, reduction in urinary stones, elimination of the problem of infertility etc. So, overall you can say that vitamin a is a gift for the health and you should not ignore the exceptional advantages of this nutrient.

Vitamin a rich foods

There are lots of foods that are really good sources of vitamin a. Some of the examples are like carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, mustard greens, dried basil, lettuce etc. If you love eating non vegetarian foods then you can have turkey liver and beef liver, as these two are very rich in vitamin a. Some fruits like mango, papaya, peaches etc are also great in vitamin a content and by incorporating red bell peppers and paprika in your daily diet you can increase the intake of vitamin a. Tomatoes, dried fruits; green peas etc. are also rich in vitamin a.

Vitamin a deficiency and symptoms

Vitamin a deficiency can lead to serious health issues and in scientific terms it is called as VAD or hypovitaminosis A. Thus when there is a lack of sufficient amount of vitamin a in the tissues and blood then it results in vitamin a deficiency. Some of the common symptoms that are observed in case of vitamin a deficiency are like persistent infections, skin problems, mouth ulcers, poor hair texture, vision related disorders, growth retardation, respiratory tract infections, infertility, body itching etc. So, if you are observing any or some of these symptoms then it may be because of vitamin a deficiency.

Vitamin a benefits for skin

Vitamin a is surely a gift for the skin. It protects the skin against UV damage and helps in reversing the signs of aging. It works effectively by treating the conditions like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, dullness, patches etc. It is great for treating acne and it is a wonderful nutrient for fighting various skin infections. It fosters new skin cells development and if you will increase the intake of vitamin a in your diet then you will get a naturally glowing skin. Many skin care doctors recommend vitamin a rich cream to their patients for combating various skin related disorders.

Vitamin a benefits for hair

Vitamin a is loaded with antioxidants and it is really good for treating hair problems. A Vitamin is highly essential for healthy hair. It helps in repairing the damaged hair follicles and maintains adequate thickness. Vitamin a helps in keeping the scalp moist and fighting bacterial infections. Vitamin a is a proven stimulator for hair growth and if you are facing the problems like patterned baldness, thin hairline, excess hair fall, etc. then you can take vitamin supplements for faster results. You should generally prefer foods that are rich in vitamin a and the supplements should only be taken after consulting a doctor. Don’t overindulge in consuming the supplements as it may lead to toxicity in the body.

Vitamin a function

Vitamin a is one such nutrient that is fat soluble and it is stored in the liver. It is a rich source of beta carotene and its health benefits are praiseworthy.  Talking about vitamin a functionality then it helps in treating the eye disorders, keeps the teeth and gums healthy, it is really good for skeletal and muscular tissues, helps in fighting infections, cancer, reproductive problems, etc. Thus the function of vitamin a is to improve the overall health. If there will be a deficiency of vitamin a in the body then it will not work in the desired manner and you will become highly prone to a number of ailments.

Vitamin a advantages

There are innumerable advantages of vitamin a on the health front. Be it any aspect of the body like eyes, teeth, hair, skin, bones, muscles, immune system, reproductive system, cardiac health or any other thing, vitamin a can help in solving a number of health related issues. Your focus should be to eat foods that are rich in vitamin a and if you are highly deficient in this nutrient then you should take vitamin supplements based on the recommendation of your doctor.


The above mentioned details cover each and every aspect about vitamin a. This is a highly essential nutrient for the body and thus, you should not underestimate its importance in improving the overall health. So, balance the vitamin a intake in your diet and you will notice impressive results within a few weeks.