Try This Simple And Permanent Weight Loss Solutions

Try This Simple And Permanent Weight Loss Solutions

Weight Loss Solutions

Analyzing the issue

Carrying around excessive weight makes one feel uncomfortable and can also have negative consequences on the physical and mental health of the body. Obesity can lead to various health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, strokes, cancer, joint problems, etc. Obesity is considered to have risen by one-third globally, raising an alarm to analyse and deal with the issue.

Benefits of holding optimum weight

Optimal weight has various numbers of benefits linked with:

1. Health benefits

Studies have depicted that if a person is currently overweight, losing 5-10% of the weight can have positive effects on the health. The risk of diabetes, heart diseases, joins pains reduces along with improved cholesterol levels, blood pressure, mobility, etc.

2. Psychological Benefits

In addition to the medical benefits, one may experience better sleeping habits, decreased stress, happier life, etc.

3. Lifestyle Benefits

The health and psychological benefits may be enough to motivate one into slimming down. But some do it for lifestyle changes that come along with it such as a more active social life, boosted confidence, etc.

What are some best weight loss solutions?

One already knows what not to do for weight loss, but there are mainly two things that work the most when one is aiming at dropping pounds the healthy, sustainable way: eating well and exercising regularly. Following is the to-do list that will assist greatly in achieving the goal:

1. Counting the calorie intake

Calories are the main culprit of an extended weight. Watching their intake: An average of 1800-2000 calories per day. Eating smaller portions of food, spread throughout the day helps a great deal.

2. Exercising Regularly

While maintaining the apt calorie intake helps in reducing the weight gain ,it is the exercise that helps you truly reduce it. Exercising it off not necessarily means you must hit the gym, one can also include daily 30 mins walks/jogs or climbing 10,000 steps as a part of their daily exercise routine.

3. Eating healthy

Eating healthy such as fruits, fresh juices have positive effects on the weight. One may also consider taking green tea, warm honey-lemonade, Oolong tea that boost metabolism which helps the goal.

4. Internet Apps

If one finds it tough hitting the gym every day, one might consider downloading apps on which they have targeted body weight loss exercises in a timed manner.

5. Get a weight-loss buddy

Most of us face difficulties in maintaining the weight routine. Some of us lapse the exercise or eat a chocolate in between. Getting a weight loss buddy who can keep you motivated, and vice-versa might be a good option.


While losing weight it is imperative to lose it the healthy way and not get disheartened if it doesn’t work. Everyone’s body has a different metabolism, what might work on X may not work on Y. So keep experimenting what works the best for you while keeping your head high to enjoy the benefits of weight loss.