Home News Eat Nutrition Food as much as you want and STILL lose weight

Eat Nutrition Food as much as you want and STILL lose weight


1. Unisex Neoprene Sweat Belt

The ‘Hot Power’ Waist Shaper Instantly Shapes & Tones Your Physique, While Amping-Up Your Weight Loss Efforts Using The LATEST Innovations In Compression Technology…Combined With INTENSE SWEATING.

Key Benefits:

  • Massively helps toning your abs & core during exercise.
  • Increases blood circulation and flexibility.
  • Train your stomach, waist & back muscles.
  • Reduces & shrink waist size by utilizing advanced compression.
  • Keeps your body nice & warm so your workouts flow smoothly.
  • Offers supreme lower back support for weight lifting.
  • Adjustable closure for a perfect fit, supers easy to put on & off.
  • Can be wear under any type of everyday clothing.
  • Comfortable for bedtime, shopping & doing household chores.

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2. Slimming Patch for Burning Fat

The Slimming Patch is made from natural herbs and plant extracts and they are clinically tested and proven to assist with weight loss and suppress your appetite. The Slimming Patch ingredients are clinically tested and proven to help you burn fat, lose inches and enhance your metabolism.

Features: (1 pack = 5 patches)

  • Lose Weight: Put on the discrete Slimming Patch & drop that weight.
  • Burn Belly Fat: Transform and sculpt your body to reveal that muscle & tone.
  • Cut Inches: Cut inches of fat off of your belly, waist, hips, legs, and thighs.
  • Boost Energy: Jumpstart your metabolism and keep the energy high all day long.
  • Reduce Bloating: Reduce your full, uncomfortable belly and body bloating.
  • Build Confidence: Boost confidence, look in the mirror & be proud of your body.

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3. Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

Time to get your body beach-ready for the summer. The magnetic bracelet will set up a magnetic field that is said to improve the internal circulation, thereby reducing weight.

This magnetic therapy bracelet is designed to optimize your bodies natural positive energy, improve circulation, and has been reported to provide relief from muscle and joint pain. 

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4. Neoprene Thigh Shaping Burner

These revolutionary new thigh shapers help slim down the thighs and burn stubborn fat over time! Comfortable and easy to wear, this shaper holds sagging skin, reduces jiggle and shrinks inches from your thighs. Wear every day for at least 30 minutes and see results in 30 days! Speed up results by wearing while working out!

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